Monday, 9 November 2009

detail of drawing


- Pól

Crossroads/ Nodal Interfaces

...Visual representing the differnces in congregational gatherings in rural and urban environments. This image also seeks to distinguish the relevance of generations on community gatherings. The drawing spans from rural old age (Leitrim) to urban youth (Belfast).The mapping exhibited shows the congregations most prevalent in Belleek, Co. Fermanagh. Belleek straddles both north and south and also typically embellishes two religions, Protestant and Catholic. The mapping shows the paths and routes these two communities use to approach their congregational hubs (parish halls, churches, community groups etc) and where these two interact and cross over. it is the 'common space' that interests me. The terms 'candle-stick' and 'pritt-stick' derive from a conversation with kids in manorhamilton. I liked the innocence of this understanding of sectarianism. It kind of emphasises the ridiculousness of it all.The PS2 rubix-cube is a graphic illustarting how this ongoing research may 'solve' a problem

- Pól

Introductary video

introductary video for live project presentations: The Moor Sheffield, Thursday 5th November 2009. Remote Control

- Pól